Sunday, October 6, 2019

Financial Development Dividends

Dividends Development


Dividend income this year passed > 1000 Euro 😀 and we have 3 month to go until the end of the year

Good to see this development after I changed my strategy in 2016 (more investing than trading)

This are not my only income. We rent a granny room via which brought us more than 2000 Euro in revenue.

Furthermore the real estate flat on rent did not caused any extra work in the last few month. The mortgage and property management fee is pay by the rent.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Research about Abbvie

Abbvie's Humira has competition in Europe via Biosimilars. The Copies of Humira are selled up to 40% cheaper than Humira itself.

I am going to collect some informations about Abbie here.

Market Cap      121 B
Current P/E      21,99
Forward P/E     9.27
Price/Cashflow 9.86
Dividend           5.32%
Beta                  1.17
Free Cashflow  9.4 B
Dividend Payout Ratio  49% (Source: Seeking Alpha)

Future is important therefore I took a look at the Pipeline.

3 Medicines are in Phase 4
17 are in Phase 3 at the time I read the website (02.02.2019)

Outlook from Abbvie: 
We delivered exceptional performance in 2018, including operational revenue growth of more than 15 percent and EPS growth above 40 percent," said Richard A. Gonzalez, chairman and chief executive officer, AbbVie. "We're entering an important new phase for AbbVie. The continued momentum of our business, combined with the launch and ramp of several new products, will allow us to drive strong earnings growth once again in 2019 and position us for growth over the longer term."

Abbvie Chart


- Shock about Humira Biosimilars Prices

- EPS Guidance Range of $7.39 to $7.49 2019 compared to $3.66 for 2018

- Abbvie is still growing and a lot of products are in their pipeline.
Therefore I added them into my watchlist.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Net Worth exceeded 100 k

Net worth exceed 100 k

I used my free forenoon to calculate our (estimated) net worth.

After calculating the financial assets and liabilities the final number is round about

105300 Euro or 120.047 Dollar (Date: 26.01.2019)

I used the lower price für our real estate from the price spectrum which we could get if we sale our real estates. 
In effect this means our net worth is some thounds euros higher than I had calculated (I estimate about 30.000 Euros or 34000 Dollars) . 

This fact does not matter too much to me because in my opinion the income we generate is more important for me and that our spending is smaller than the income.
Furthermore a big part of the net worth depends on the stock prices.

- Income > spending is more important for me 
Nevertheless I use the net worth to see in which speed our income, saving and investing is helping us go into the right direction and despite we had a lot of expenses: both of our cars could not be repaired economically therefore needed two younger cars, helped relatives and friends out with money and had to renovate a room but which can now be offered for rent.

How important is the net worth for you?

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Blog started (again)

Today I start a blog (again).

The reason is that I can not give all the information sometimes I want to publish for example about my investment research, income, income development etc.

I had blogs already in past but did not used them long because there many bloggers out there who can write much better and more than me. Twitter is quite perfect for me because most of the time I do not need to say much.

I am able to put my informations I want to give in small tweets most of the time.
This blog is additional to my Twitter account for informations.


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